Bee Suit recommendations?

Any recs for bee suits online?

If you ask a question like this, it would really help to know where in the world you are located. This forum is international! :blush: Please fill in your profile, or state your location with the question. As my middle name is “Sherlock” (joking), I detect that you are in the USA - Washington state… But it took me several minutes to find this. :wink:

If you are still in the USA, I love these bee suits and I haven’t been stung through one yet:

Get the matching veil/hat and gloves from the same site. Really good stuff.


As Dawn has suggested buying a ventilated suit is very helpful. I have one of each. Last season I helped a commercial beekeeper n was glad I had the cooler unit. I believe you are over in the hotter region of Washington State. I’m SE of Seattle but still found the ventilation choice much more comfy n my energy level not taxed from overheating. That nastier colonies seemed to not be able to sting thru it either.

Good luck n happy beekeeping.

Take the advice offered by @Gerald_Nickel photos and @Dawn_SD … ensure you get a ventilated suit. You won’t regret it.

the one that Gerald_Nickel is waring with the screen vail close to your eyes as possible Will help, with mine the standard round one I have a difficult time seeing eggs when I shifted the vail around and pulled it closer to my eyes I can see the eggs better so his vail would work better

I forgot to mention…I got mine from eBay from a guy in Queensland, Australia.

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Along with a proper heavy duty suit- I can heartily recommend one of these ‘smocks’ for casual inspections and light bee jobs- at this price you can’t go wrong- I use mine all the time- it’s very light and cool on the heat- and it has a zip under the face veil so you can eat :honey_pot: while you work…

This ones a package and the other items are good too- on its own the smock is only $17- a bargain:

Bargain alright… Could you just remind me what a smock is? Is it a tie up at the back thing?

The top half of a bee suit only. So make sure you also wear jeans…

it’s a sort of jacket I guess- it has elastic at the waist. It’s very light cotton.

BTW- I got stung through a pair of jeans the other day- didn’t realise bees could get through denim like that- but the sting was very mild- only just managed to get me…

Aah I see, I was thinking it was one of those tie up at the back things like you get when getting an exam in hospital or in art class!
I use a jacket, elastic waist heavy cotton, and have been stung through it and through hard yakka work pants but they were only mild. Still hot though.
For the price then it is a bargain.

Well, the Brushy Mountain Ventilated Bee Suit proved worth every penny again.

Storms just rolled through with 80+ mph winds toppling over 4 of my largest hives. Some boxes exploded when they hit the ground and I could smell mad bees (smells like bananas) as soon as I stepped out the back door. My wife and I, in the pouring down rain, put all the hives back together, giving some new boxes as needed, and were both covered in bees. Neither of us received a single sting.
We checked the other bee yards and there was no damage :slight_smile:

It was 70 degrees today but going down into the low 30’s with rain overnight. These bees would have been goners by morning.


O man! That must have been some storm! And also- that must have been some job getting them all back together. How well do you think the bees cope with such disasters? Do they all just hang around near their hive? I can’t actually see many bees in the photos- do you think a lot got blown away? I wonder if they will return?

I just got some bee hive spring clips made to lock the boxes together. They wouldn’t stop the boxes falling over but would keep the hives in one solid block at least.

The bees will hang out in a cluster with the hive. There is still lots of bees in each hive. My only worry is the queens: Did they survive? Since there’s nothing I can do about it anyway, I’ll wait and see.

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You may want to think about notching some of the Eggs in the Hive where you’re are concerned about queens. If they’re able to make a queen here’s a little video of a class I took at the instructor posted on YouTube. If there’s a queen, hey typically we’ll just repair the cell, But if not table make it into a queen cell. Don’t know if this time a year it’s good for that or not we are approaching storm season here in the southern US so likely it would be a good time

I can graft 100 queens but without flying drones it would be pointless. Drones won’t start flying for another 5-6 weeks if we’re lucky.

I thought so, was not sure, I am still learning when all this stuff happens

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Flow sells the ventilated 3 layer mesh suits in an organic cotton.
And looking at supplying - Ventilated Jackets - really easy to get on and off.
Guess I gotta plug ourselves :wink:


The 3 layer mesh/cotton suits (Ultra-Breeze, Flow, Mann-Lake, weigh twice as much as the Brushy suit. I have both.

I bought the ventilated Flow suit. Very comfortable and breezy. Quick note about sizing though - recommend going a size larger than you would normally get, I’m exchanging my Large for an XL. I’m 6 feet tall and about 180 pounds, and the neck was tight as well as the crotch area of the suit. I hear baggier is better, hope that helps anyone with my build.

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