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Upper Blue Mountain Beekeepers (Hartley)


Calling out to any local beekeepers in upper blue mountains who could help me save my bees. My hive is doing well but we are not getting along. Unfortunately my bees are aggressive for a variety of reasons and I have made several attempts to implement some changes but I am finding it difficult to ‘fix’ as I believe I am developing an allergy to the stings. Before I have to make the hard decision to retire early from beekeeping because of the allergy I was hoping to try for some help. I have inspected my hive this spring & it is healthy but they are currently needing more space, I have a flow hive to put back on but first I need to do some swapping of frames in brood box, possibly split the hive before it swarms and/or possibly re queen my angry one! and change over the plastic excluder that came with the flow hive which is not good and has only lasted 2 seasons


Firstly you might invest in a good quality triple layer bees suit that the bees can’t sting you through it. Flow Hive and Oz Armour at Granville both have very similar suits and the Oz Armour gloves are also sting proof and comfortable. Both of the suits give excellent ventilation and cool to wear.
Maybe a local bee keeper will offer to have a look at your bees to figure out the aggression, there will be a reason behind it and re-queening is not always the answer, the hive may be angry from being over crowded for just one example.
Go back to you icon on the top right and edit your location and add your town so that people on the upper Blue Mountains can see if you are local to them.
Don’t give up on bee keeping, get the good protective gear, I bought the Oz Armour suit and gloves and have never been stung since.


Thanks Peter I will investigate the OzArmour. My flow hive suit is good but it has been the extremities that have failed me when getting too involved in moving components. If I didn’t have to replace the poor quality plastic excluder supplied with the flow hive I think things would be working more smoothly. It is stuck, breaking up and a second pair of hands might just help me get on top of things. Not loosing hope completely just yet.


Hi Angela, I have just sent you a message re: Your queen excluder and beesuit. Would be good to get more information from you on these. – Kieran (Flow Team)


If you have a plastic queen excluder I strongly recommend replacing it with a wire one, it is not cheap but will way outlast the plastic and the bees will be more willing to go through it.


Hi Angela,
Now is a good time to do your split and replace your nasty queen with a well bred one. Personally I would buy queens for the split and the original hive. That way you will have easy to spot marked, first year mated queens producing gentle productive bees with plenty of room to expand. I changed over to stainless steel queen excluders after the first year of plastic. I would never go back.

I used to be very sensitive to stings. Last year I started using Apis30 pills from the health food shop. It’s a natural alternative to antihistamines made from bees. I don’t know whether it’s my use of Apis30 when stung that has dramatically reduced my sensitivity or just the frequency of stings. The last 10 or so stings have had negligible effect with no need for the Apis30.



Hello Mike,
One hive I look after for an elderly lady is always hot to handle,really hot. I have tried several times to locate the queen to terminate her but seldom can even get as far as the queen excluder before I have to give it away. Do you think Apis 30 might be an option to take before going into the hive, after yesterdays fun I can hardly walk and lots of pain.


Thanks Mike I think the Apis30 is worth a try I would very much like to reduce my sensitivity!
I think re queening is on the cards. I have had a boost of hope and through a cold call I think I have found a local mentor! I just need to get things working better and my bees and I can flow hive happy…


Peter you poor thing, I feel your pain! Inspiring you go back for more


Have yoe tried dividing the hive up Peter? I find that helps with hot hives, handle a bit at a time.



Hey Peter,
I can only refer to my experience. I used to swell not only the current sting, but most of the previous ones too. I followed the Apis30 instructions to place three pills(they’re tiny) under my tongue as soon as possible after I’m stung. I don’t see any reason not to take them before you open a nasty hive when you know you’ll get stung. Keep them under your tongue as long as possible. Post your experience.


I did a 3 way split in March this year, the personality trait remained in the 3 hives of hating humans. my next step is to take queen cells from other hives and kill the queens. I think that is a next logical step. Am I making sense or am I on a hatred vendetta towards those queens…


If dividing does not work then squishing the queens for known quiet ones is the next step. No place in beekeeping for nasty bees…