Swarmpatrol web site for timely swarm notification and removal

The swarmpatrol.com web site has been created to assist the general public in reporting swarms and sending an instant notification to the nearest beekeepers to initiate removal. The site uses GPS coordinates of the swarm location and works out the closest 3 beekeepers to the swarm and sends either an SMS text message or email to them with the details of the swarm location and person reporting the swarm. Contact is made by the beekeeper and arrangements are made for the retrieval. The system has now been in operation through the Australian swarm season and has proven to be a great success. We need many more beekeepers to sign up globally so as to provide a good coverage. We would welcome any members who are interested in collecting swarms, doing cutouts etc etc to register on the web site.


I’m definitely interested, will checkout www.swarmpatrol.com :wink:

Welcome on board Yari!! Please spread the word about swarmpatrol.

It’s a fabulous concept, Ozebee, I hope you will do very well with it.

Just a tiny thing - in placing an address there was a drop-down menu to select the address. Neither were correct matches but tried for the one that looked like it might work. I now see the pin for my location is there and, of course, in the wrong place. This is new construction so whatever software you are using, is not picking up or allowing for new info to be entered. My actual address exists, it’s a little frustrating to be forced to use something that is incorrect. That said, it’s probably within 50 miles so I’ll now go take a chill pill.

Again, fabulous concept. Best of luck.

Thank you for your kind words and observation about the address. We are using Google maps for this and you should be able to correct it very easily. Go to your profile and click on the edit tab, pretend you are changing the address slightly so it brings up the larger map. You can then drag and drop the pin wherever you wish. If you still have problems please email me on info@swarmpatrol.com with the correct address and I’ll correct it for you.
Welcome on board and please spread the word in your local community as well as among other beekeepers.
Happy swarm collecting.

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