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Bees for sale- large colonies, Nucs, whatever you need ADELAIDE and Surrounds

Hello everyone- I have too many bees! Some need to go ASAP. Prices dropped massively. I am very familiar with flow hives and can help you set up your hive. Or I can supply standard hives, nucleus colonies, 8 or ten frame established colonies with 1 year ld mated queens and LOTS of brood. PM me if you are interested.


hi there
i am complete beginner looking to get my flow hive started
i have read they can be posted , but you might be to far away
pambula NSW

100% too far away- and add your lockdown and it’s utterly impossible. If I go to NSW I am not allowed to come back! Try to find local beekeepers- and/or try to catch a swarm. Great time of year to catch a swarm…

Queen bees can be posted- but not complete bee hives.

Thanks will do


Nick Donnelly B.SportTourMangt.

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