South Australian Flowbees

Hi, I’m in the Adelaide hills. I’m happy to help with swarms this season to help people get their flow hives going :smile:


would you be interested in mentoring a very newbeeeeee bee keeper?

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Hi SA Flowbees!
My little yellow guys will be working the Mt Lofty Ranges, Mitcham and Onkaparinga Council area areas. Happy to connect up with locals!

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Too right. Listen to podcasts, the organic beekeeper is good. Read the forum and look on iTunes too. The SA bee society has meetings once a month in Kensington. They are great. We can connect when the hives arrive. Maybe we can have a hive building day in Adelaide.


That sounds like a great idea!

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Hello everyone!

In the Onkaparinga area too. But haven’t decided whether to set up there or in Adelaide metro yet.
All depends on how my present hive does - whether I’ll transfer it to my new Flow when it arrives or just start afresh.

Would love to connect with fellow FlowHive enthusiasts. :heart_eyes:


Hi @BishopsKeep
As I don’t current;y have any hives with bees and am awaiting the FlowHive to arrive in Dec, my plan is this:
A mate has lent me two brood boxes
in spring (Aug/Spet) get some swarms into the boxes
In Dec, transfer the swam frames to the brood box of the flow hive…

Will keep the bees in the Onka’s area for now…

Hope it works out!

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Should work well. Its not hard to attract swarms up here with a box with a bit of old comb in it.

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Hi guys!

Have decided to set up in Adelaide metro at my father’s place as there are security issues where I am at present.
Not long now…


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Hi All
I am receiving my flow hive in December and my nuc around the same time, so I’m started from scratch. I am at Old Reynella and am keen to make contact with others and their Flow Hives. I like the idea of a hive building day too @Woodside_Beehive Woodside_Beehive!

Hi @Woodside_Beehive, I’ve just received my 6 Frame flow super, and like @bexta, I will be starying from scratch.
The whole process of beekeeping seems very daunting, but I look forward to getting up and running.
I live in Balhannah, just down the road from you, so I hope to catch up with the group to learn and grow my new hobby!

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Hello, Nicky here from the northern suburbs of Adelaide. I have ordered my Flow Hive - due to arrive in April. Which will be great timing as I have booked to go on a beekeeping course mid April. So excited to get started - I would love to hear from others in my area.



This is great. Thanks. Does the offer still stand in Sept 16?..and in Henley Beach?

We’ve just bought a new flow hive (still in box) from a cousin. We need some help with acquiring bees and setting up.
As absolute novices we would appreciate all the advice you can offer.
We are on 25 acres of red gums and various other natives at Highland Valley between Mount Barker and Strathalbyn.

Hi Colin, its winter now so unlikely you will get any Nucs or packages till late spring. This will give you the perfect opportunity to do a course, join you local bee club and prepare a site. Ask around for bees but be prepared to be on a waiting list.

Thanks Rodderick
Thought the timing might be bad.
Can you recommend courses and clubs around Mt Barker

I am brand new to this group. I noticed the convo’s are a little out dated from 2015. Is there anyone still using this site? I am from Lewiston and have a lot to learn.

Just us chickens… :smile: We may not be in your geographical location, but we do have a lot of convos about bees. :blush:

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I use it still- and am also in SA. Suburban hives in prospect and semaphore.

Thanks for answering so quickly. This is awesome. :grinning: Could you advise if the standard flow hive is sufficient in size to sustain a whole hive during winter in SA? Or would I need to invest in an extra deep to go between the flow frames and the brood base?
Thanks again.