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Bee watering ideas


With beekeepers needing to supply a clean water supply for bees I’ve been trying a few different ideas to see what works best for thr hobby beekeeper.
In the hot Australian sun some of the water containers don’t last long so keep that in mind when picking a bottle or water utensil.
Here are some that I have tried over. 12mths.The blue one was made for me by my daughters boyfriend using a 3D printer and I think this will prove to be a good one, The chook waterer has a 20 liter drum on top of it which is great for remote areas and needs some kind of ladder in the water bowls for the bees to climb up


Hello Brian. I use washed ‘crusher dust’, it cuts down on evaporation and maybe worth giving a try in the top photo. The bees have no trouble getting a drink and they can’t fall in and drown. You have a great range of watering points that are well thought out.


Thanks Peter I’ll give that a try, I also noticed that bees can get a safe drink from wet rope or string and they seem to preference that over stones or marbles


I used to have 20 litre drums and filled with water and a towel though where the cap screwed on and the towel worked like a wick keeping it damp. Good for where there was no water supply. The bees soon figured it out.


It wasn’t a thought that I needed to provide water for my bees, I suppose I thought they would find water while foraging, the forum is a good place to get information


In SouthAustralia where I live it is now law to provide clean water within 200 mtrs of the hive for all beekeepers


In the UK, you can probably rely on the water that falls from the sky almost every day! :smile:


Supplying water is very often overlooked Mark, it is needed by bees as much as pollen and nectar. My apiary has a large ‘pond’ that is full of reeds only 100 metres away but I still give them clean water which they use landing on the towel that is wet. It is sometimes covered in bees.


Mine get water from a small pond n waterfall I built before I got my bees. As for clear water … mine favor more off flavor beverage !


Mine too. We have a bird bath they use but they love the old skanky pond down the back even more. Probably why my honey has such good flavours :sunglasses:



I usually have a bird bath with stones in it- but for much of the year the bees ignore it and go somewhere else. I have noticed they love the bases of pot plants, leaking taps, gutters, etc.