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My Bee Water "Pond"

Built this little watering hole for my girls. They seem to like it a lot.
Its just a 5 gallon home depot bucket, electric water pump and tube, large plant saucer, and some rocks gravel and baby tear moss.

i had to drill drip holes for the water to fall back into the bucket, that took a little trial and error but its pretty balanced now. When i added the moss the bees took to it almost right away.


Hi @RyanKunk this thread might also interest you:

It’s great to see you’ve given thought to water supply too…for some it occurs as afterthought!

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Woot woot. Love Home Depot!!

It’s a great setup you have there, however you probably don’t need to go to all that trouble, especially if you live in a suburban area. The bees will always find water somewhere. A dripping tap, a bird bath or a wet base of a pot plant, just a few examples.