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BeeConnected & Croplife Australia

This might of interest to some, even if it isn’t applicable to everyone. If you have hives near farm land, acreage, or market gardens this could be of relevance (if you weren’t already aware).



Australia has one of the healthiest honey bee colonies in the world and it is essential we all assist keep it that way.

CropLife Australia’s consultation with both farmers and beekeepers identified an opportunity to improve easy and effective communication between the parties. For this reason, CropLife Australia, in partnership with the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council, has launched BeeConnected, a world-first innovative communication tool to enable collaboration between farmers and beekeepers.

Through BeeConnected, farmers and contractors may register and will then receive notifications when a registered beekeeper positions beehives near their properties or near a proposed crop protection product application activity that the farmer is undertaking.

Registered beekeepers will also receive notifications alerting them when a registered farmer or contractor enters a proposed nearby crop protection product application activity.

The tool also enables instant messaging between registered participants to assist beekeepers, farmers and contractors work together to keep Australia’s honeybees healthy, whilst maintaining privacy through the use of a restricted in-App messaging service.

BeeConnected is a nation-wide, user-driven smart-phone app that enables collaboration between beekeepers, farmers and spray service contractors to facilitate best-practice pollinator protection.

BeeConnected is free and available on iPhone, Android and desktop computers.