Beeinformed Newsletter Western Australia

Received the latest edition of Beeinformed Volume 18, Issue 1, April 2019 in the mail today.

Front page headline was “A very disappointing season for honey in WA; nectar scarce

I always enjoy reading the articles in this very informative newsletter, one of the advantages of being a Western Australian Registered Apiarist.


Didja read the bit about the company name change?

Yep… I thought about posting it here but decided, Who Cares… I don’t buy commercial honey anyway.

Just thought it curious that’s all, bit misleading. Who’d have thought a Chinese company would be misleading, hope you signed that Change petition I posted mate. :blush:
It’d be nice to share the news letter to the forum, not for our unregistered Perth members, :rage:, but for our eastern states and overseas friends.

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here in SA was the worst year for beekeeping in living memory according to guys whove been at it since the 1970’s. For myself I harvested less that 20KG’s of honey from 13 hives!

But it’s not all gloom and doom: for comparison- over the long weekend I helped a girl who’s sister had bought a hive and then ignored it for 18 months to harvest. It had a 10 frame super of 100% capped honey (even though no queen excluder fitted) which we spun and got maybe 24kg’s out of. My mum has also got maybe 40kg’s from her flow hive this year- down from previous years but still nothing to sneeze at.

here’s hoping to a better year next year- and some rain! We havn’t had rain to speak of here in Adelaide for months and months and months.

Hiya Jack, yeah the news letter had info from around Aus and SA and Tassie got mentioned with colony losses and harvest lows. Tassie it seems has suffered the most.
Our Jarrah flow didn’t happen and the Marri, our main source for commercials, was sub standard. Controlled burns being worrisome for the commercial beeks.
Having said that, I am seeing Jarrah buds down the road. These should have flowered months ago!
All good though, gotta ride the downs, all part of the game, at least I’ve restocked my pantry.

I heard a lot of the leatherwood in Tassie got burned?

Here in adelaide I just noticed a Jacaranda trees with flowers at the tops- which is weird as I am pretty sure normally they only flower at the very start of spring. I’m not complaining though :wink: