Not all good on the NSW southern highlands

On the ABC channel 24 last night (14th July '19) was a rather lengthy segment based in the Mittagong, Bowral thru to Goulburn regions and the total dearth that has been happening there for the last few months and that hives are being fed instead of the normal flush of honey. It is good to see the media coverage.
That is an area that is normally lush and green and about 60% untouched by human interference. It seems that previous great honey producing regions are not a guarantee for a good future in the industry.

Yeah, saw that report. Seems like we are in a weather trend over the last few years that has lead to poor honey production. Even on the coast here old beeks are telling me the last three years have been poor relative to previous years. I’m still getting about 40kg a year from a good strong hive though so perhaps things are better on the coast with the periodic rainfall?


It seems that against the coast things are not as hard. but once a bit inland regardless of where in Australia hives are located going on reports the bees are finding it tough. So it is not a local climate condition. I have just gone thru the mildest Winter on record, and last Summer the hottest and driest on record again so we might have to think about adjusting our thinking if the weather we have had becomes the normal.
My brother near Mittagong has totally destocked and says that weeds won’t even grow at his place. He has never seen it so dry so it must be really tough on those further off the coastal fringe.