Beekeeping courses

Hi all, I’m really hoping to start beekeeping and have emailed a few websites regarding courses, does anyone have any recommendations for cheaper ones close to central Adelaide?

WEA does a course. I went last year it was a one day course, I thought it was quite good for beginners, read a bit before you go to course. Beekeeping for dummies is a good start, it is easy to read and you can generally get it from library. Beekeeping is good fun, and fairly laidback but do a bit of homework first.
good luck

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Yes I agree with @Jeffm, do some reading first. There is a couple of videos on youtube that are worth watching beforehand. “City Of Bees” & “Nova Tales From a Hive”.

Thank you! Will do :slight_smile:

thanks very interesting videos, can’t wait to get started with bees next year

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Texas has a master beekeeper program – not sure if I should do it or not… not sure what the benefit would bee.