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Hello from South Australia

Hi there. Brand new here, and brand new to beekeeping. I have been building my own hive that will be able to take flow frames, have ordered a nuc, and am trying to digest as much information as I can before my bees arrive. Would love to chat to anyone else from SA, particularly the fleurieu region. Looking forward to learning as I go!


Hi, welcome I’m only new as well there is plenty of reading on here.

Hi. I’m in northern Adel Hills and have 2 FHs. Lots to learn but you’ll get there. I’ve only had mine 12 months and going well. There are lots of resources to learn. The FH Beekeeper online course is great for beginners and you can work through it at your own pace. They add new subjects all the time and explain things really well. WEA have a course which was OK. There are other beekeepers that run Field Days which are good as well and of course Facebook groups that you can join and read about lots of issues and how people suggest to fix. Happy to help if I can. Good luck with your journey

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Happy to help you too if you want. Good luck with your journey also

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Thanks for reply! I’m slowly getting my head around everything. Currently waiting on a nuc I have ordered to be ready. Also trying to catch a swarm. Looking forward to all the theory becoming real soon. Thanks for your offer of help!

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