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Bee course basics

To do ore not to do? thats de question, signed up for a basic course. Now im question my self, do i need this course, etc. Not justed to work at the moment, (jobseeking,) So i tought why not get a little started, by taking a course. Any wish words are welcome, of some support. Thanks. .

If you can afford it, do it. If you need the money for rent and food, do it later. :wink:

I found “bee school” so informative. I hadn’t realised how much I didn’t know about bees. I still remember a lot of it and use the references we were given. Best wishes

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I found courses here in my area expensive. The classes also varied from in a room to hands on inspections. I didn’t do a basic course because by the time one came around I had read numerous books, watched videos and done inspections on my own hives and didn’t feel I would gain much from the basic course. I believe an intermediate course would assist my progress however until I see one of those I will continue to read, watch videos and inspect.
Hopefully one day a mentor will fall into my world too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks, its a course firth theorie and than hands on.practise. The course is about 15 lessons, and cost about 155 euro ore 185 usd, They have connections, and you can get a mentor. Well i have some time to think about it. Best wishes for 2018.


That sounds like fantastically good value for money, and it will certainly make you a better beekeeper. It is just a question of whether you can afford it. If you are definitely going to get bees, I would do the course. Losing a purchased bee colony because of lack of experience is likely to cost you a lot more than 155 euros. :wink:


It depends what you want from a course. If you are happy to learn with your bees, lose a few or many and just go out to get more bees till you get it right then don’t bother with a course. You could get lucky and get it right straight away…or you couldn’t.
Like anything involving living creatures I think a little supervision is a good idea whilst you are learning and getting some practice in on somebody else’s bees along with a mentor to guide you in the right direction is invaluable. I teach beginners and it is just my opinion.


Thats a true thing, what you want from the course, When i look at de Flow, video’s in beautiful weather, i think wow, but im not living in that type of climate. im living in The Netherlands, where we have more rain than sun. So i figure, Do i go out, whith pore weather conditions, ore do i think after one season, ow, blow it. So thats on my mind also.


Hello Reina,
I’d say go for it. Because the course is both theory and hands on, you’ll get the chance to learn about bees and then get your hands sticky.

Online courses and websites, YouTube videos, and reading everything you can find is also good practice to prepare, but until you’ve actually been inside a beehive and handled bees, you won’t have any way to embody much of the information.

Lastly, having a mentor experienced in your particular climate is invaluable.

Enjoy! :purple_heart::honeybee::books: