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Finally Got to Use the Flow Hive

I’ve had this flow hive four years now and finally was able to harvest some honey. A lot of learning and bad timing resulted in the long wait. Ended up with approximately 2.5 gallons of honey.



After waiting so long to get your first harvest done you have a good looking result. Love the way your holding the roof down from blowing off, very practical.

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That is awesome same thing with me bees are finally capping and not yet ready to harvest but nice to see success. Now as I wait I have to relearn how to open the flow hive and I was a bit stronger 5 years ago and I need to know how much this will weight because I did not inspect before I put my flow super on and I imagine it is very heavy with honey in it.

Remove the roof so that with you hive tool you can remove any frame that you think is at least 80% capped on both sides, it will weigh about 3.5kg. If it capped then refit it into the hive and extract the honey. To extract the honey the 3.5kg is the heaviest weight for you to lift.
When you are doing brood inspections you can remove each of the super frames and put them into an empty box till you have reduced the Flow Super box till it is light enough for you to lift it off the brood box.
Be sure to refit frames in the same position you have when removing them.

thank you Peter. I inspected a while ago and in my haste I did not think about how to handle the flow frames full until I tried to put my heavy box back onto my other hive. I see you handle the flow frames like regular frames just maybe a little more gently since I had that one fall apart. Ok I got it now, I thought I would share with you I did pull 7 gallons of honey this year :slight_smile: and even rendered my first wax. I started a web site for my farm and added it. If you get a chance check it out Neu Mana Hui Farm.com . Thanks for all your advice bee well.