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Bees escaping from under flow frames when rear observation cover is removed

Hi all,
I have four flow hives and love them, I got my first hive in the indiegogo campaign.
On the weekend when removing the rear wooden observation cover, where the honey comes out, there seems to have been some movement and bees can now exit from under the flow frames above the metal strip. This issue is only happening with my two newest hives. It looks like either the metal can’t support the super which is weird or somehow the flow frames have risen up. Has anyone else experienced this challenge and if so how did you solve it please.

The metal ‘technically’ isn’t there to support the flow frames. The support is found where they ‘hang’ off the rebate in the super box. Take the key access hatch off and see if the flow supers are seated properly.


Next, check that the fore and aft movement of the flow super is on. There’s an adjustment screw at the back of the flow super to limit play of the bottom of the flow super so that it sits just on the metal strip. If there is play, a gap can develop. See this thread:

Aim is to minimise gap highlighted here:

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Cheers fffffred appreciate your help and that makes perfect sense

Fred has given you good advice, I remove my Flow Frames so that I know if they are ready for extraction and find often some propolis is dislodged and sitting where the Flow frame lug sits. Adjust the fore/aft screw on the top end of the frame that the frame can slip into position but there is only a mm of movement.
Welcome to the forum, lots of nice folks here and happy to help with advice. How about updating you profile giving your location, it can be a big help with future advice as this forum is world wide.
Cheers Mathew