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Flow Frames: Adjustment Screws


Is there a link to instructions, or FAQ, or video with guidance on using the adjustment screws on the Flow Frames?

Thank you.


It is on Page 30 of the instruction manual - http://www.honeyflow.com/media/docs/Flow_Full_Manual_061615.pdf

And from memory it is in the assembly video - https://youtu.be/eY9mD74HmOo


Thank you.
I should have specified…

The screws at the top rear of each flow frame.
How snug to adjust them for front-to-back spacing of the frame to the box’s front and back walls.
The manual doesn’t seem to address this?

The assembly video does not touch on the Flow frames at all.


These videos provide really good guidance for the flows;


In the online manual that I read, it said to adjust the screw until the rear window part of the frame is snug up against the rear of the hive, with no gaps bigger than 2mm (1/16"). The reason is to make the frames into a bee-proof barrier, so that when you take the big rear cover off, bees can’t fly out at you. You don’t want to make it too snug though, because then it will be tough to lift the frames out of the box to inspect them. Bit of a Goldilocks concept really - not too much, not too little, just right! :smile:


on our hive the Flow frames fitted 100% perfect- there was no need or room to screw the screws out any further than the frame edge.


“…The reason is to make the frames into a bee-proof barrier, so that when you take the big rear cover off, bees can’t fly out at you…”

Thank you!..for this guideline!


I seem to be having a mental block on this issue as I see a couple areas of adjustments on different posts and the visual is not catching a light bulb. Can someone assist? I do not have any screws for the side adjustment as I saw on one video and for some reason I cant get at the videos on the forum no sound. I have screws that I adjusted the flow super so that it is snug, front to back. I don’t have a 2ml tool. So that 2ml is it in between each flow frame? What about the side gap? When I look at my window there the box looks wide. Should I separate the flows a little to fill in that gap. Is that so bees do not build around the flow frames? Sorry to seem so clueless.


I think that refers to self-modified boxes. The Flow boxes have a strip of wood inside to center the frames in the middle of the box. You don’t need another screw.

A photo would help - I can’t quite guess what you mean, and there are several possibilities. Photo from the top of the box and another through the rear access window would help most.


Ok let me get one, Thanks


left side front<img blue indicates gap. The back is off a little not this much. When looking at the front the frames all touch.


Great, that helps a lot, thank you! OK, so let me read between the lines of the Flow instructions for you. They are talking about not leaving any gap larger than 2mm (3/32") between frames or at the back of the hive. the reason is that a small bee could possibly escape through such a gap when you are harvesting, and cause you problems, especially if she went back to get friends… :blush:

So they are telling you to abut (shove together!) the frames so that there are minimal gaps between each frame, and also between the outer frames and the wall shim. It does look like your gap may be a little larger than 2mm at the top of the box - maybe 3mm (1/8"). If you want to harvest with no bee suit, you may want to glue an extra shim in there to close up the gap. Personally, I would leave it, and just harvest with a bee suit and veil on. No big deal. :wink:


Thanks again I thought about a shim and then thought do I space the frames apart more or make them tight. I will probably use suit and vail anyways. Thanks for your valued input.


We used a shim and it works great. Clearly, the plastic parts have very close tolerances, but the wooden boxes are much less accurate and I needed a 4mm shim. No big deal if you have the right tools, but I like to suggest that it might be a good idea to add a few shims in the package like 2, 3 and 4 mm, that would not be very expensive, would it? We like to work without any suits or veils, too hot out here and if you start sweating profoundly, the bees get a bit restless as well. Better to take the trouble to make a perfect fit on the frames/box and not upsetting the bees at all. That’s why we got the Flow, right?


I do agree with you. It was costly and I paid for accurate measurement. I felt that they could have added a couple pieces extra. Plus a couple extra nails for the frames. I live in a rural area and not so easy to go buy to fix. I did end up using a couple of bamboo BBQ sticks glued together with Elmers ( kind of cheapens such nice wood but it is hidden). I don’t have wood glue. If it falls out will just deal with it like Dawn suggests. Just like any other house is will get used. I hope the Bees wont object.:grin: