Bees getting through view window

On one side of my flow hive 2 honey super, when I take the wood cover off the viewing window, there are many bees that are between the wood cover and the acrylic pane - in other words they are getting out past the window.
Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this and know what might’ve caused it so I can keep it from happening again?

Hi ya :slight_smile:

Im not at all sure how they could get out… did you put it together or ‘inherite’ it from someone else?

It doesn’t look painted either so it could be water expansion has cause a gap.

If you did get it from else where I could be wrong but you could transplant all your frames into another box temporarily and then resit or replace the viewing window, then place your frams back in…

Not real sure but Im at least pretty sure they shouldn’t be getting out that way…