Bees in Colorado

My FlowHive is on the way and I need some bees, I live in Denver CO and was wondering if anyone has a source out here they trust? Also I’m brand new in the bee keeping game and any additional tips would be wonderful!

Bees in Colorado,

Welcome aboard this exciting hobby. I find a lot of help out here in Washington State checking the Internet for local beekeeping supplier n clubs as well as upcoming beekeeping classes. Also plenty of vids on You-tube to watch so you have basic info n ideas for moving ahead. There’s great books for sale as well as your local library. Again… :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee: welcome aboard !

Good luck n happy beekeeping,


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I am also a new beek. I just ordered bees from Highland Bees ( A little closer to home is Dakota Bees in Wheat Ridge ( The rest are further away but you can find more here ( Most of them have just started selling, so call, find out who you like, and order quickly!

Good evening new Beeks… I’d get you order in quick. You want to be at the top n not bottom of the list. The later you get bees the shorter time your colony has to work with best Spring conditions. So get with it soon. Good luck Tim … Now back to my woodshop working on making a new Observation hive.

Enjoy the ride.

We just got our Flow Hive and am looking to get a 5 frame nuc. I don’t understand how the bees get from the 5 frames into the Flow Hive. Is that not a special type of frame that comes with the Flow Hive? I am ready to order but want to make sure this is the right path.
Thanks for any help.

There are lots of posts on this in the forum. If you search for nucleus, you will likely find them. However, let me outline it for you.

  1. You build your hive. It has frames but no bees.
  2. You order your nucleus. It will likely be 3-5 frames of bees, honey and a queen. Most nuclei in the US are made on “Langstroth deep frames” which is what is in the Flow hive lower box (brood box).
  3. Let’s assume you get a 5-frame nuc. Now you remove 5 frames from the middle of your lower box in your 8-frame Flow hive - OK, it is asymmetric, so you will have one frame next to one wall, and 2 next to the other.
  4. When your nuc arrives, you very gently take the frames out of the nuc box and put them into your Flow brood box in the same order and orientation that they were in the nuc box.

It sounds hard, but it really isn’t. You can do this! :wink:


This is quite a good blog giving some more details:


Wow - Thanks! You are our new hero.
We have wanted to get into beekeeping for quite awhile and these Flow Hives
seemed like the perfect way to start.

Honestly - we are a little nervous asking questions or just don’t know what
to ask so, trying to get over that.
We really really appreciate your help and advice.
Thanks again!

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Don’t be nervous. Up to 60,000 bee lives depend on you asking questions, so ask lots, and ask often. :wink:


Hi Everyone,
This is a new class, also listed as it’s own topic in Colorado Beekeepers, but I’m having trouble navigating this forum so…
This class will be especially helpful for those who have lost their bees and want to try again.
Beginning Beekeeping is NOT for Dummies Winter 2016 class will be offered on Sundays in December 8:30 am-5:30 pm. All day was a little grueling for some people so I’m experimenting with the format this time. There will be a Part A, offered three times, and a Part B, offered three times. You choose one Part A and one Part B. This way you can break it up or do it all in one day (the 11th).
4 Dec 8:30 am - 12:30 pm Part A
4 Dec 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm Part A
11 Dec 8:30 am - 12:30 pm Part A
11 Dec 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm Part B
18 Dec 8:30 am - 12:30 pm Part B
18 Dec 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm Part B
In addition, as part of the class, we’ll have a hands-on apiary session at my house in spring when the weather is good for bees.
The cost will be $100, check (email me so I know it’s coming) or cash. When payment is received, your place will be reserved. Please let me know which dates you plan to attend. Class size will be limited to 15, and we’ll split into smaller groups for the hands-on session.
Classes will be held at my house in S. Boulder, CO 80305. I’ll have coffee and tea available.
The book we’ll use is The Beekeeper’s Handbook by Diana Sammataro and Alphonse Avitabile 4th ed. Amazon has it for $17. It’s a great book to have in any case. Make sure it’s the 4th edition.
You can read more about me on my Facebook page: (I’m new at this)
The focus of the class will be understanding bees and beekeeping so that you’ll have a scaffold on which to hang new information and a foundation for evaluation and problem solving. I want to get you and your bees through the first year and point you toward what you’ll need for years 2-5. Here are the topics we’ll cover with opportunities for questions:
*Bee biology - worker-queen-drone, development, functions, nutrition, genetics, behavior
*Apiary setup
*Equipment for you and your bees
*Starting with a package and nuc
*How to work with your bees
*Pests predators parasites diseases common to Colorado
*Seasonal management in Colorado

Feel free to email or call or text if you have questions. I’m looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you this spring!
Kristina Williams
Beehave LLC, mentoring and support for bees and their keepers, Boulder, CO
720-278-6872 (mobile/text)

You click on the little link picture at the bottom of the post that you want to send someone too.