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New York Flow Keepers


I created this Topic for people who live in New York State who want to collaborate, share knowledge about the Beekeeping with the Flow Hive.

I’m just repeating my introduction to get the conversation started.

Greetings. I live in the Buffalo, New York area. Started
beekeeping last year. I just picked up 5 nucs yesterday and will be
installing them today. While watching my new bees acclimate to their new
surrounding, I was amazed at the amount of pollen they were bringing
into the nucs, in such a short time after releasing them.

I ordered 2 - 7 Flow Frame Hives with the box.

I look forward to meeting and networking with like-minded people from all over the world.

Finally there is a forum where we can have meaningful dialog
regarding the Flow Hive. I am tired of all the negative blogging,
vlogging and flogging (forum logging) that has surfaced.



Video of my Flow Hive

I’m from the Rochester area and I’m spending this year learning as much as I can and getting ready to start my first hive next year.

I ordered one 3-frame with box, but I have a feeling that after one season I’ll be getting more.


I’m in the Ithaca area and a a newbie as well. I took a great course at Cornell and I am hooked up with the Finger Lakes Bee Club and some local beekeepers. I will be helping with other people’s hives and getting ready to start beekeeping myself next year.

I ordered the 7 full flow, no box and am wondering about equipment. As far as I can tell I need an empty 8 frame sized deep for the flow system. I am thinking of all mediums for brood boxes (I’m a smallish woman and will likely be working the hives solo). Any recommendations?



Hi Dave,
I’m in Mendon (Rochester), NY. Nice to meet you. I used to live in East Aurora and had a wall full of bees living in the wall of this little farm house I was renting right out of college. How funny that I would get into bees so many years later.

I order 2 of the Flow Hives without the box so I can retrofit into my current hives. Estimate of delivery is 12/16. When did they say yours would come in?

Thanks for starting this topic for us NY’ers… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Taniaben,

I’m in the Finger Lakes bee club too!


My wife and I are just getting started in Buffalo. We would appreciate any tips or tricks that this group can offer!



Thanks. I’m glad I started this too. I think eventually we can start a physical Flow Hive Beekeeping group but for now while waiting for the Flow Hives we can use this forum.

My Early Bird Flow Hives are suppose to arrive in September. But we’ll see. Maybe earlier I hope. I would like to capture the goldenrod season. But unless someone else chimes in I’ll get mine first.

How many Flow Frames are in each hive? Mine are the full 7 frames.
I decided to get the boxes because I wanted the exact cuts made by them for my first ones.

Soon they will have the instructions for making the necessary cuts. There was a video of making a cuts on their website. I can’t find it anymore. Did you see it yet?

If you’re on Facebook check out my Facebook page
I have my bee adventure in pictures and links to my videos.

My videos are on YouTube:

Rochester also has a bee club. The Rochester’s Beekeepers

Have you heard of them?


Dave Newman



First thing I’d do is check out the Western New York Honey Producers Association. http://www.wnyhpa.org/
Become a member and start networking.

Where are you in the starting process of beekeeping?




I didn’t even know the Finger Lakes Bee Club existed. I belong to the Western New York Honey Producers Association and Southern Tier Beekeepers Association.

All 7 Flow Frames you will receive will fit into a 10 Frame Langstroth Deep super box. I heard the instructions to make the necessary cuts will be forthcoming and there will be plenty of time before you receive your frames.

There is nothing wrong with all mediums for brood boxes, however, If you purchase Nucs, they will contain Deep Frames. This is standard for Nucs. I’ve never seen them some in Mediums. If you get a package then it doesn’t matter as a package of bees are just the bees with no comb drawn.

BTW, when are you getting your Flow Frames?



Hi Dave,

Thanks for the links, I will check them out.

I purchased the full 7 frames as well. I did see the video of the two cuts needed to make the Flow Hives work with the 10 frame Langstroth supers, its not going to be complicated.

Here is the video you’re looking for: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=735215699909997&fref=nf

As for the Rochester club, I really just started with Finger Lakes, but I’ll have to check out who’s in the Rochester group.




I just found and liked your page.

I forgot to give you my Facebook Bee page called Becky’s Bee Love: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Becky-Bee-Love/404931843012888?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Thanks, Greekbecky


I am pretty sure I ordered the full flow frame but no box…early bird rate was $300…sound right? I had it in my head it was for the 8 frames but thanks for the heads up! I have no hives yet so will be purchasing soon and want to make sure I get the right size! I definitely want to go with all mediums since I’ll likely be working the hives by myself and I’m a smallish woman. I guess I’ll be working with packages rather than nucs. I’m really new to all of this but hope to work with some local beekeepers and help them with their hives the season so that I have the confidence to go out on my own next season.

The finger Lakes beekeepers club meets roughly once a month and has some club hives in Trumansburg at the Cayuga nature center. The meeting in May is out at the club hives and I’m hoping to have a suit by then!

I’m in the process of sourcing hives right now and I’m wondering if anyone has any specific recommendations. It looks like I’m going with 10 frames and I’m pretty set on all mediums but otherwise I’m open to suggestions.

I have no idea when my flow frame will arrive - I got in on the early bird so I’m assuming sometime this fall but since I don’t even have any hives I probably won’t set myself up till next spring.



I just joined last month and went to the meeting in April at the Cooperative extension. I’m hoping to make it to the club hives if I get my act together and order a suit by then!


You’re better than I am…I took the class about six years ago, but officially just joined a couple weeks ago. I’ll have to check out when the next meeting is and go! I hope we bump into each other.


Greetings all.
I live outside Glens Falls, NY. Have 3 hives which, very happily, survived the long winter up here. Apple trees just going into bloom. My girls are delirious.
Anybody else around here?
Looking forward to my Honeyflows.



You’ll have to use packages if you want all medium brood chambers. Nucs are generally all deep frames. You do have some time to make decisions before next year. Talk to the Finger Lakes Club about getting bees. If you can try and get local bees or survior stock, I’d go with them. Ask how they treat and if they treat for Varroa Mites. One of the biggest killers of bee hives.

It looks like I’ll have to attend a meeting of the Finger Lakes Club.



I live in the East Aurora area. We’ll have to hook up.
Read the other post in this topic for my Facebook Page: Newmies Bees.

I’ve got 5 hives now. Getting a couple of more soon.



I have several friends in Glens Falls and the Saratoga area…very nice place.


Hi Dave,
With all those hives…are you planning on selling your honey to the locals?


Yes. I sell allot of honey at work. I have other people that sell honey for me also. Sorry for the delay, I am on vacation this week.