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Bees in log hives

Is there anybody here who keeps bees in logs?

It’s a requirement for hives in Australia to be inspect-able. You could cut a hollow out of a log to have inside dimensions of a hive and add frame. That would look cool…

Not legal in most of the US either, if it is a “managed” colony. :wink:

tnx. yes I have a couple of doors to access.

There are laws that say logs are illegal?

No, but there are regulations that say that all “managed” colonies must be fully inspectable for diseases and pests. In most states, skeps (woven basket hives) are illegal, because you can’t inspect the combs. The same would apply to logs, or any comb that is not accessible without destroying the hive. Maybe Oregon is different, but most states follow this rule.

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This link is where my info came from:

geez that can lead to interesting conversations about mass beekeepers v those back yard keepers. I know many people here who’ve received nucs from well known large beekeepers and those nucs died or absconded because they already had problems.

Don’t see why not - Nothing to say that it has to be in a rectangular box. I have many feral hives in trees on my cattle property - does that mean that I have to destroy them? Not trying to be smart , I just wonder if it may come to that eventually.

This may be of interest 18 B’s

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