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Wanted. Old timber bee boxes NSW Australia


Hi Beekeepers, I am soucing old timber bee boxes that I recycle into timber furniture. I ask that if anybody is replacing old wooden boxes with new, that they please reframe from burning the old ones. If your old boxes are damaged by rot, white-ants or contamination I still may be able to use some parts. No parts will be used in honey production. The frames are not required boxes only any size.
I am on the north coast of NSW and will travel.


A few people have expressed concern about spreading disease from old bee boxes. If just using them for furniture (and not furniture for bees) i think it should be OK. This is a great idea to make use of a waste resource. AFB is apparently the main thing that is spread, I’m not sure how much contact with the wood can cause issues with spreading the disease if anyone has more information on this it would be a great chance to educate everyone on these issues.
IMO, if you know your hive has been infected by AFB it might be best to burn your hives.


I completely understand the concerns of Beekeepers and I would not jeopardize the honey industry. I am a strong believer in recycling and there is beautiful old timber in this product going to greenhouse gases.
The boxes are washed with detergent and stored in an enclosed room. Then sanded down and used as components in the production of indoor furniture. There is no honey residue left in the boxes and at no time is there any contact with bees. I’m using bee boxes mainly for their character (eg. coloured paint, brandings, wear and tear marks and a subtle honey scent) also they are a great re-useable resource that has been going to waste.
I have tried to up-load a photo of my creations but the site would not allow me.


Thanks for the clarification @king I’m all for seeing be resourceful with what is laying around peoples yards. I look forward to seeing some pictures. ( as you use the forum more you will automatically be granted more privileges i.e. post links and images etc. )


If Australia are clamping down on used comb traps, they will be hot on the heels of reusing hives. Personally I would not take the risk - it is not you taking the risk, it is the risk to the bee industry - similar to Fruit Fly - do you really want to be responsible for travelling AFB???