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Bees in the Blue Mountains (NSW)


ha - I would love to see that.


Did anything come out of this thread? I am in Woodford and would be intersted.


Just Started and i’m at Sun Valley


Where did you get your bees from Baldy?



They were advertised on gumtree and bought them from springwood a week and half ago in 2 brood boxes was worried they might abscond as only travelled 4kms as the crow flies, hoping to put the super on this weekend depending on what i find in the hive as i havn’t had a look inside yet, they seem to be powering along at the moment, heaps of activity and strong smell of honey.


Hi Baldy

I’m at Winmalee and have been attending the Nepean Bee Association monthly meetings held at Nepean High School on the second Sunday of each month. We are getting quite a few Flow Hivers at the meetings. They are a great bunch and you learn sooo much with hands on and the cost is nix, other than a membership fee. Next meeting we expect to be doing some honey extracting the old fashioned way, really makes you appreciate your flow hive. Also looking at doing some spliting.

Come along - the more the merrier. Let me know and I will confirm the details.


Check them before putting the super on Baldy. Make sure they are up to speed and use a queen excluder. You don’t want brood in your flow frames.

We should organise a catch up. I would love to see a flow hive, I run standard, foundationless Langs and only really give advice on the bee keeping. Its only the extraction system that is different.


That is what we need, and that is why I love having you around. The breadth of experience on this forum is what makes it so valuable, and the willingness of experienced traditional beekeepers to share their thoughts is fantastic. Thank you!



Joined yesterday arvo, i will try and get there


Pm you @Rmcpb it would be good to catch up


The October meeting is this coming Sunday at 9.30am, winds up around 2pm but you can come and go as you like. Bring your own lunch and liquids and of course, bee suit and gloves. Entrance is via the GW Hwy, about 200m from the intersection of Old Bathurst, gotta go through two gates and drive to the other side of the football field where you will see our cars and sheds.

Normally the meeting are every second Sunday but the next is early so as not to clash with the ABA Field Day at Pittwater.

Good to see you there.


I will be at the Pittwater ABA Field Day, would be great to see a few other ABA members there. Have been a long term member of a rival club and hope to bridge the gap with this field day in some way.


Pity, I will be away this weekend. Hopefully next time.



Put the flow hive super on the weekend, noticed a few hive beetles and a couple frames of brood had a quick look for the queen (couldnt find her). the bees got a bit cranky as this was the first time i had opened a hive every frame had comb but not all were full, heaps of brace comb which i scraped off. i think this antogonised them a bit. I think ill go back in on the weekend and see if i can see any larvae and install some beetle traps see if i can get some photos. I was working as fast as i could as i was installing a new hive stand as well so hopefully this weekend goes a bit smoother. Also have got to get the hang of keeping the smoker going.


When you going back in Baldy? It would be a good chance to catch up.



Going in today to install some beetle traps


Finally caught up with Baldy this morning. Looks like he is winning the battle of the beetles, traps all over the hive. Nice queen you have there with a great brood pattern and nicely mannered bees. Good to see someone who waits till his hive is strong before putting the honey super on. Big hives really collect the honey.


P.S. Don’t forget to post where you get the 1/8" mesh from.


Will do and thanks for the hand and lesson today you have been a great help.


Didn’t really do that much but you are welcome.



Forgot to say its pretty urgent you get that base sealed up and the entrance reduced. The base is allowing free entry for beetles the way it is at present and the guards cannot stop them.