Bees in the Blue Mountains (NSW)

Made the back block off piece yesterday and bees still getting between oil tray and screen. So had to put a screw in the screen to close the gap and got rid of oil and used fluffy table cloth and put apithor on bottom. The drill pissed them off had one chase me for 60m

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here is the link for the mesh page 14 i think


Was wondering if it was the same mesh ad I saw in the newsletter sent out by the ABA.

Interested on hearing any feedback about the mesh from these guys.

Jump onto there website they heaps of different stuff in 2 grades of stainless

I purchased my #8 mesh from a factory at Silverwater. Was in a 3m roll and cost around $180 for the roll

Picked up a swarm at lapstone this afternoon

Now you get to test those starter strips Baldy :smile:

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Just an update.
Transfered thevswarm into a nuc box this morning and looks like they have settled in well comming and going


Update: Ive had the the flow ive on a full double brood box now for over six weeks and they are still sealing all the gaps with propolis and cant see any honey going in. The bees are definatly working on as it is jammed packed with bees up there, just have to be more patient i suppose.

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Finally had a chance to go back into my hive today which is a double 8 frame brood box with flow on top the top brood box had no brood in there at all but absolute chockas with honey the bottom brood box is a bit sparse and also spotted the queen for the first time.

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Lovely photos and gorgeous-looking bees. :blush:

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Hi everyone, Just popping in here to see if anyone has heard yet of a beekeeping group forming in The Blue Mountains? Im in katoomba (blog is if you want to check out my flowhive journey). Be great to meet up with a few beekeepers in the area.


Hi, another new-bee here. I’m at Mt Victoria and looking to start a hive. I’m keen to get a flowhive but would like to tee up some leads for obtaining a swarm before I commit. Can anyone recommend a reliable source? Thanks very much.


Not many swarms about at this time of the year, but you may be able to get a Nuc from someone if they are willing to sell. Also, occasionally someone will want bees removed from the walls of their house so if you are real keen thats a sure way to get yourself an established colony.

check out: for swarms and cutouts for a bee club near you, they have contacts for swarms and bees to locate queen and bee breeders, you will most likely have to cold call these guys

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Thanks for the reply. Things progressed pretty quickly and I have bees coming this weekend thanks to Hornsby Bee Keeping Supplies.

If they are a package make sure you feed them well till they are established.


Thanks Rob. I’ve been instructed to feed morning and night for 6-8 weeks.

Here’s their new home, ready and waiting.

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