From the Blue Mountains, Australia

Hi, I’m Kristy. After expressing an interest in ‘one day’ keeping bees, my family bought me a flow hive for my birthday. So now I am madly learning about bee keeping so I can (hopefully) start in Spring. I am very green but am excited to be on this new journey and joining in the forum.


Welcome Kristy,
I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful experience. I’m at Kurrajong Heights. We’re in a great spot for bees. There always seems to be something in flower. Join your local club to be better prepared for spring. You might think about ordering your nucleus now to get early delivery. I also recommend doing one of Doug’s beginner classes at Centennial Park. Look up


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Hey welcome l have a flow hive and jst like you waiting for spring to. In mean while reading alot
Watching a lot of youtube. L have already put an order in for a nuc for september. Allso includes set up and lesson
There is a cousre to learn about biosecurity online $20 allso make sure you register the hive
Lots to learn but enjoy its all about the bees first. Then then the plants and lastly the honey.

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Welcome Kristy, you have lots to learn over winter. The mountains are a great place to keep bees so you should have a great time.


Welcome to the forum Kristy, you sort of got thrown in at the deep end, when you think you are well prepared for your first lot of bees it suddenly becomes daunting but hopefully you will have learnt enough to take up the challenge. Join a local bee club, there is one at Penrith, but check closer to home. Even buddy up with another beginner to help each other out. After a short time you will realize that regardless of what you do the bees will do as they want to, you are only there to make life easier for them. Enjoy, it is a lot of fun and enjoyment.