Bees in the collection tube!

I added my new Flow hive to an established colony yesterday. Today, I found bees in the collection tube of one of the flow frames. I pulled the frame and noticed a small gap at the base of one of the sliding slats near the rear of the frame. In fact, bees were traveling in and out of the collection tube during the inspection. Upon closer inspection, the sliding slat in question has a taper from the middle down to the base of the slat. The taper results in a 3/8" gap on each side of the frame. I could remove the faulty sliding slat along with the associated fixed slat, but the frame would end up quite a bit shorter than normal. It seems that a replacement sliding slat is the only fix. Thoughts?

Are you sure that those are Flow frames? The design doesn’t look right to me - no wires, wrong colours. I wonder if you have a “knock off” = chinese copy? Or did you just take the wires off and lighting is odd? If it is an illegal copy, I am afraid we can’t help you fix it. Hopefully I am wrong. :open_mouth:

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The wires were removed in order to disassemble the frame. It’s the real deal.

please contact and we can get you the missing inner part which seems to be causing the problem right away

Thanks. I sent the email.

It looks like what another user posted where that segment was installed backwards and allowed a small gap. Check your Honey Flow frames carefully!

I thought the same but not the case. Unfortunately, the problem appears to be related to a moulding defect.