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Bees not using Super

My bees have been established in a new Flow Free hive since last Autumn (2019) and supplied with supplementary food through the winter (here in Germany). They have been very busy this Spring and the two brood hives well stocked with honey. I then added the Super for the first time some four weeks ago and although I have seen bees wandering around the cells in the Super there is no evidence of honey being stored. I would have expected to see some evidence of activity since the bottom brood hives are full so what am I doing wrong? The Super on my other hive with is a German Normal hive is already almost full of honey! I turned the Key as instructed 90° presumably opening the cells? Any advice please?

Hi Colin, just place the flow key in the top slot of each frame and operate it over180 degrees back and forth a few times to ensure all the cells are fully closed not open. Open is when the cells are misaligned in order to drain the honey. If they are open the bees won’t work on them. The rear key cover is designed so that it won’t go back in place if the first cell is open but others further in may still be in the wrong position. I haven’t had any issues but some others have brushed on bees wax over the frames to encourage the bees.
Good luck.

You have double posted . See my reply to it.

Gotcha, thanks I did wonder about the key issue because the instructions are not as clear as they could be. Probably needs a more pictorial description. I will check the Flow instructional videos. Thanks

Yes Busso, thanks. I posted first here before I found the section dealing with the problem. I assumed you were in Germany when talking about Freiburg (I know the city well having performed there many time).
So I apologise if I slipped into German on my previous post to you. :relaxed: What can you expect from a bloody Pom!!! :laughing:

Should have guessed from your @Bumbleboo :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:

Cheeky bugger!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::mask:

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