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Bees not working in Flow Super


Need some advice - Set up my new Flow Hive, having treated it with Tung Oil, on Tuesday 24th May; the previous swarm having left on Sunday 22nd having been installed on Sat 21st. Can only assume the first swarm was a bunch of racists who didn’t like the Aussie hive - lol.
Brood chamber settling down now with plenty of capped off cells, new eggs and larvae. However, the bees seem to be overworking the brood chamber and resisting working in the Flow Super; even building comb in the roof space rather than the Super! The latter problem I have rectified with some stainless steel mess.
Have you heard of this type of problem before? And can you suggest a solution to encourage the bees to work the Flow Super?
The only thing I can think of is to paint some molten beeswax onto the Flow Super to encourage them? Do you think this is a good idea? Any other suggestions please?

Thanks in anticipation


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