Beetle control with Flow Hive Classic

I’m a newbie in Texas with a Flow Hive Classic. Since there is no bottom pest control tray (as in Flow Hive 2 and 2+), what is the best way to control small hive beetles? Thank you for your advice.

I used to spray the slide out board with cooking spray and they would get stuck in it. However, the flowhive tutorials have several methods if you search the flowhive youtube channel.

Hi Walter and welcome! I use these Beetle Blasters:

Put some cooking oil in it, rest it between frames and the beetles will get trapped in there.

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I’ve had success with a thin layer of diatomaceous earth on the corflute slide. Easy to clean off and re-dose

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Me too! They are very effective. I fill them about 1/3 to half full with pharmacy grade Mineral Oil (Liquid Paraffin in the UK), because it is non-toxic and doesn’t go rancid. I discard them when they have around 20-30 beetles in the trap. :wink:

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Just to add for those with less experience - use cautiously because DE will also kill bees, so it should only go where bees can’t go as @aussiemike is saying.

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Eva is right of course.

I’ve replaced my corflute (real estate signs are a good source) a couple of times and fixed a strip of wood to the back edge that stops bees getting in.


Maybe Duct Tape across the corflute opening to keep the bees out?