Corflute and Beetle question: when should you move it to the lower level?

Hi FF-Fam…

Noob here. Just installed my Flow Hive Classic a few days ago and my girls seem to be doing well. When I transferred my Nuc I did see a hive beetle. So I have been looking online on how to treat them?

So many opinions but one said to use Vasoline on the corflute and put it in the lower slot. I currently have it in the upper slot. I also read that I could use diatomaceous earth or garden lime. Also read something about table cloth?

Thoughts? Advice? Thank you! Ferny

Diatomaceous earth or garden lime are both good options as is placing beetle blaster traps with some cooking oil 1/2 way up the trap between the outer frame and the next. Either of these ways will kill the beetle but catching them in a cloth they will still be alive so I would go for an option that kills them.


Fantastic! Thank you.

Chux cloth works well for bettles. Their legs/feet get stuck in it. I just put it on top of the frames.