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Beginners - Intermediate Beekeeping Course for Flowhive Beekeepers - Brisbane, Dec 4

This is the one day you might wish you had spent learning about bees earlier. Best suited to people who currently have a Flow hive – maybe you’ve been keeping bees for a year or so and want to learn to manage your hive better.

Hive inspections

  • The three things to look for during an inspection
  • Reading a frame – recognising different cells

Maximising what you get from your hive

  • Honey extraction
  • Frame management, maximising brood (and hence honey) production
  • Queens and choosing genetics
  • Types of foundation and pros/ cons of each


  • How to light one and keep it lit!
  • How and when to use a smoker

Pest management

  • Methods of management – choosing your style


  • Why bees really swarm. What do do when you see the signs, and how to avoid it.

This course is hands-on, focussing on practical experience working and handling bees. It is being held at our Deception Bay apiary. We promise you will walk away bursting with confidence, knowing you understand so much more about your bees.

Join here: https://www.beesalive.com.au/categories/courses/beekeeping-course-for-flow-hive-beekeepers/

Cost: $80 payable on day
Location: Deception Bay (details will be sent prior)

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$80 sounds very reasonable. I’ve seen some ridiculous prices quoted for bee classes.

Thanks Jeff, appreciate your feedback. Trying to give as much value here as possible :slight_smile:

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