New to Flow Hive beekeeping? Here is how to get started

With Spring just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere - Cedar answers lots of questions about getting started beekeeping with a Flow Hive, while carrying out a transfer of bees to a Flow Hive 2+

A few time stamped highlights that you can click to watch:

Pointers on positioning your Flow Hive

All about the Flow Hive 2 base and stand, pest management and ventilation

Tips on lighting your smoker

Installing bees, transferring brood frames.

Spotting the queen bee

Best time of the year to start beekeeping in different regions and climates

How long until you can start harvesting honey

How often do you need to inspect your bees?

Im just skimming across this video there really is so much more, its a great lesson on the first steps getting started when you have your bees, if you want to watch it from the beginning.
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