Best queen excluder?

USA sources, what’s the best queen excluder and where did you get it? Most likely I’ll buy from those available on the USA Amazon site with my free Prime shipping.

I bought 2 types of queen excluders from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. For years I used their metal queen excluder for 2 reasons; one, it works well, and secondly I discovered it works very well as a propolis collector! I have one hive that fills it with propolis in a short time. So I pop it in the chest freezer over night. The next morning I gently flex it (like an ice cube tray) and the propolis pops out in clean chunks.
This year I am trying their plastic model (cheaper) to see if it works the same.
FYI: I love their slatted racks too :slight_smile:


A friend at our local club indicated the plastic ones are better since water does not condense on them as quickly in the colder weather and they stay a bit warmer in the hive. Thoughts anyone?

@Chipper I thought the wire ones would be more durable, but I get less hassle from the plastic ones, they don’t warp and you can twist the wax off them or freeze off propolis


None is best but if you have to use one metal is best. Plastic has a tendency to distort and can allow the queen to pass through. As for the cold weather a good way to kill a queen is leaving it on in cold weather.

I believe the metal (wire) queen excluders are the best. As @Anon says, plastic distorts. In time the bees will wear the galvanizing down on the wires, leaving gaps that the queen can fit through. It’s easy to locate those gaps & fill them with plastibond making the QX like new again.

Hi @DextersShed You must have different metal QX’s to us. The ones I use are exactly the same as the ones you see on one or more of the Flow videos. They are great, at least while they’re keeping the queen down, if she does get through it’s easy fixed. Just a few p’s:) worth of Plastibond.

There are 2 sorts of QX’s here The all Metal girds or the metal with Wooden Frame like a Crown board.

The Wood/Metal ones are common here on Nationals

All Metal

Wooden Frame Metal grid

All plastic

Find a piccy it will help the newbees

This Sort
Flat Metal QX

Flat Metal QX- I don’t like these sort

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the kelley wood bound metal ones are nice…

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