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Best way to dispose used pest tray oil?

This is a question I’ve always wondered and have come to the thought that there may not be an ideal way, but what is the best way?

Perhaps in the garden as long as it’s safe to do so i.e. no curious pets or wildlife are likely to get sick from it. However, if there are alive SHB eggs and larvae, they can wriggle down into the soil where they pupate into beetles. How likely is it that all SHB eggs and larvae will be dead at this point?

Is oil unsuitable for composts?

Is the best option straight into the rubbish bin (landfill), due to safety?

For particularly thick oil that is loaded with mould etc. and I notice quite a bit of SHB above the expired oil supply, I use my blow torch to kill the eggs/larvae before putting it in the rubbish in a green (biodegradable) compost bag.

For oil that isn’t too bad i.e., it’s quite runny with no sign of SHB, I often tip it in the garden and bury it with soil or garden chips.

I understand tipping oil down the sink is super troublesome for plumbing and should always be avoided.

I think there must be a better option out there and would love to hear what others do.

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I’m eagerly awaiting people’s advice on this one! I currently soak up oil with an old rag and throw it in the red bin (general waste, for those not local to us). If there were pests or diseases present I’d likely burn it. I have no idea if either of these disposal methods is ideal so am really looking forward to the responses here :slight_smile:

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If you get friendly with the local fish and chip shop (jar of honey perhaps?)- since they go through oil like there’s no tomorrow, I’m sure they’d be happy for one to dispose of a bottle of oil into their fat disposal drums.


I use any oil or fat from the kitchen and use it in a mash for the chooks during winter. Any added bugs would be a bonus


I don’t know if our method is the best or not, but we just wash the tray out over the mulch on the garden. bearing in mind that we are located in a bush setting on acreage, so it can be dispersed over a large area.



I use mine to control weeds anywhere in the garden or around the hives.