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Biggest season in 4 years?!

I’ve just been tipped by a local experienced beekeeper of the SE QLD and N NSW regions that we’re set for another whopper season. The ‘best in 4 years’ apparently.

I wonder what the Australian forum peeps think of this, and why?

I remember last spring, we were receiving reports of multiple swarms a day and we can all remember how wonderful it was for the beekeepers and bees with the abundance of honey.

Are you ready beekeepers?! Spring is in the air.


I hope this tip carries through to SA too!
We had a shocker last year. The only honey I extracted was the little bit they had in the supers when I did the winter pack down. I don’t know why there was no nectar in the flowers as everything bloomed well, many eucalyptus trees even flowered twice.
I’m a bit nervous with the wetter than average spring that is predicted that the nectar may be washed out of the flowers again.
Not sure how anyone can predict good or bad seasons ahead as we are working with something completely out of our control. Just an experienced guess.


@TimG even though we are having a very wet season so far this year (eg all major dams are full or close to being so), yet even now in winter (in southern NSW) my bees are bring in both pollen and nectar, though the number of bees with pollen seems to increase greatly from about midday on. As for why you had such a bad season last year there in SA is strange indeed. Fingers🤞Crossed that this coming season is a great one for you. Where in SA are you?, my wife’s family are in the mallee about 50kms east of Murray Bridge towards Pinaroo.

@Bianca, very wet here in southern NSW, we are wedged between the Murray River to the south, and the Murrumbidgee River to the north, the later has 2 major dams on it, and they are both full, with the forecast of above rainfall for the following next 3 months of September, October, and November. Even Autumn next year is suppose to be good too. I am looking with great excitement for spring, when I will be putting on my flow box for the very first time, as I only got my bee nuc late in November 2020, and I felt that the hive wasn’t strong enough to add the flow box for that season, and added a second brood box instead, and feed them sugar syrup for most of winter.

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