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Blue Quandong - Australia

I was wondering if anybody has had experience with the pollen/nectar that comes from the Blue Quandong (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elaeocarpus_angustifolius) ? I have a number of these rain forest trees coming into flower and the bees (and Lorikeets) are going absolutely mad over the flowers. It is like the sound of a swarm of bees coming from each tree at the moment and I’m a little sorry I only started with one hive as the flow super is filling up fast and most frames are in the process of being capped after starting from a split 3 months ago.

I’ve seen a lot of pollen coming into the hive and can only assume that these flowers carry a lot of nectar as well - I did some googling but didn’t come up with much information from a bee keeping perspective.


Hi Paul, you might be able to make yourself some Blue Quandong jam after the fruit ripens.

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Hi Jeff,

I did see those recipes - I think the fig birds and the Satin’s will probably stake their claim first and harvesting may be an issue as the canopies are a little high for those without wings :wink:


Ah well, sounds like you’re lucky to have them so close anyway. I’ve been enjoying some mulberry & pineapple jam I recently made

Did you find out more about the nectar and pollen of blue quandong?
Ours started flowering too and the bees love it.

Haven’t turned up anything yet. Just anecdotal - the lorikeets are going mad over them as well as the bees so I am guessing they must be good for nectar and the pollen is a bonus. This is the first time I have seen lots of pollen turning up on the corflute board so they must be a little overwhelmed with the amount that is coming into the hive. Will have to see how the honey tastes when I get to do the first harvest!