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Bottom board would not come out, any suggestions?

I tried to remove the bottom board. I cannot pull it out, and suggestions?

The bottom board doesn’t come out. It’s the floor. Or do you mean the corflute ?

As @Dee says, if you mean the white plastic slider, you can remove it even if stuck. If it is in the upper slot, the bees often put propolis on it to seal up the gaps. Here is a previous discussion of what to do. I have tried it, and it works:

@Panda1 I often have to use a pair of pliers to enable a solid hold and then I just yank it (forcefully but carefully). Without the pliers my finger tips can’t grab enough of the coreflute to maintain a firm enough grip. With the pliers it works every time.

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Thank you for your insight. Very helpful

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Thank you very much, will try