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Need bottom board dimensions


I lost the removable bottom board for my flow hive and need the exact dimensions to make a new one. I do not want to disturb the colony by removing the brood box to fully expose the bottom for measuring. Thanks.


ok, so you need the dimensions of the corflute insert? Someone on the forum should be able to provide this for you.


Do you mean the corflute slider board. If so just measure across back slot to slot and allow 1/16" clearance on either side.
Push it in and cut off the excess.
If your talking wooden bottom board with mesh floor that’s needs a bit more work to measure and make.

You won’t disturb the bees just measuring without moving the boxes.


The dimensions for the coreflute board for the WRC and pine box are different. Probably just the width though. I can send you both sizes tomorrow morning, no big deal. (E Australia time). Unless somebody does it before.


It’s for the coreflute board. Unfortunately the way I designed the hive stand I can’t get close enough with a tape measure to get a accurate measurement.


Hi Helmut, I get approx. 308.5mm wide X 475mm long. Mine is the Cedar one.


Wow, you must be an engineer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Approximately??? LOL!


The pine core flute:
31.3cm x 47.3cm.
30.9cm x 47.5cm.


Oh my, you have a micrometer that big? :smile:


Well, got that wrong, hey?


Still love ya. :heart_eyes:


Thanks Dan. You saved me a lot of trouble with disturbing the colony. Summer now but when the weather turns cool in a couple of months I’ll want to close the bottom.