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Help Cleaning underneath screen board

Just wondering if i could get some assistance. Ive noticed that the corflute board is not going in all the way. On inspection I can see something obstructing in the middle of the board. How can i clean this off. I use DE on the corflute and this was everywhere aswell like this obstruction was pushing the DE on the side. Thanks for your assistance in advance.

Can you use the Flow Key to push along in the slot and to clear the DE that I suspect is stopping the corflute being pushed all the way in. Don’t force the corflute, if it doesn’t slide in freely you have something binding up the groove it slides in.
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Hi there thanks for your reply . The obstructing is in the middle as I could see. I think it is honey that has leaked. Should I take the brood box off the bottom board?

Removing the brood box off the bottom board is an option and you can then actually see what is stopping the corflute sliding, give us some feedback on what you find causing the problem.

Yes I will hopefully I can get it cleaned up!

Only take the brood box off on a warm day so that the brood can try to stay warm, I know how cold it can get there in Winter, I am ex Richmond and know how cold it can get in Winter.:tired_face:
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When you remove the brood box it will be easier to clean the slot with something like a screwdriver blade. Don’t spend a lot of time on the issue as time will loos the heat from the brood box.

Is it the last 1/4 inch (6mm) of the corflute that is not going in. I have that issue occasionally the corflute can bend slightly (gravity and heat) and not enter the end slot. My hive stand has no base and allows me to reach underneath and push up the corflute at the entrance end of bottom board which allows it to slide home. If there is something blocking slot use @Peter48 idea of the flow key.

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Hi there I did what you told me with the flow key and LOTS of junk came out but it still wont go all the way in. I will have to remove the brood box and see what happens. I will do this when my husband is here so he can clean take it away and clean it up.

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Update on cleaning underneath the screen board. I did this today. I removed the brood box to then remove the screen board. OMG what a mess. There was so much junk such as DE mixed in with lots if shb and moth lava. I can believe how much rubbish was in there. What was happening and I didnt know this, was that the DE must have been coming off everytime I checked for shb. All this was getting dumped at the end. Also there is a bit blob of honey that must have leaked right in the iddle of the board. I have to order another board to replace this. I might buy a beetle buster. They seem a much cleaner option.

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I have to say I am not a lover of DE for the same reason as you are experiencing now. I fit a beetle blaster between the outer two frames on each side of the brood box and they are very effective with just some cooking oil in them.

Yeah I also have the silver beetle trays which work and have also made the cds with cockroach gel they catch a whole heap and its cheap to make. Im trying to help the bees out as much as i can!