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Brand New FlowHive For Sale in USA


Brand new in the box (never been opened) for sale.


is it just the wooden parts for the hive, or are you selling the frames as well?


For the first time, co-inventor Cedar Anderson gives the full rundown on what’s included in our best-selling package, and how it all fits together, in this quick video.

This is exactly what you get with your Complete Full Flow™ Hive:

1 X gabled roof
1 X timber inner cover
1 X Flow Box
6 X Flow Frames
1 X queen excluder
1 X 8-frame Langstroth brood box, complete with 8 Langstroth frames
1 X screen bottom board
6 X Flow Tubes
1 X Flow Key


How much and where are you located?


Sorry, we sold it this afternoon.