Flowhive6 for sale Hive only

Flowhive 6 for sale (8 Frame Langstroth)

Hive only NO Flowhive inserts

I’ve acquired a Flowhive 6 and have no need for this hive as I use the larger 10 frame units. I’ve kept the inserts myself.

You would need to purchase the Original Flowhive 6 frames for about $340 and insert into this unit. This hive is already painted and would make your entire purchase come in at less than 1/2 price.

As usual you’d still have to purchase your bees.

This is a complete unit with.

Screened bottom board (with pull out tray)

Brood box (bottom box) with 8 foundationless frames

Plastic Queen excluder

Super (top box)

Escape board

Flowhive roof

The super has a side observation window with cover and the only thing not original, is the top cover at the back of the super. The top one where the Flowhive tool gets inserted.

Its been replaced and works perfect. Everything is painted with water based paint, on the outside only.

Any questions, please email or txt, as I have a few Flowhives myself.

At present have “Sold” it someone in Perth.
I’d rather sell it to someone local first though.

Free delivery between Albany and Mt Barker



Still available?
Where are you located?
Thanks Matt

Looks like Western Australia. Perhaps a bit far for you. :face_with_monocle:

You are correct :small_airplane:
I’m looking for just a roof for an 8 frame?

Does it have to be a Flow roof, or would any type do? I know of a company which makes Western Red Cedar flat (telescoping) roof tops, if that would work.

Mann Lake makes a gabled roof (in pine, by the look of it), if Flow can’t sell you one:

To work with a Flow super, you can also get an extra deep inner cover from Mann Lake so that you can still access the Flow key slots.


Is this Flowhvie 6 still for sale? Plz advise soonest. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Jeff B