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Branding/Engraving Flow Frames


Hi Flow Team,

As some of us are going semi-commercial (and eagerly awaiting commercial volume costs), we normally brand the top bars of our timber frames for DPI Identification and theft deterrent.

Is it possible to Engrave the top of the Flow frames with our Beekeeper Registration Number ? Is the top bar plastic thick enough to allow engraving?

I’d be pretty miffed if these were stolen!


The Bunyip Beekeeper


If you are interested in a commercial volume please contact us via the website contact page with the volume you want.
http://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3 Click on general then commercial.

As far as engraving the flow frames, the plastic looks thick enough to engrave but the top bar is made up of about 40 pieces stacked together. So they could be pulled apart and reassembled to make your branding illegible.


Thanks Jake, I will have to think on it a bit more :smile:

I will look into engraving them further when I receive my indegogo perk :wink:

Yes, I have already requested commercial rates and indicated volumes, just waiting on when prices are finalised (based on last email I received)


One option would be to create a hot stamp and do lots of smaller branding marks so most pieces would have some legible branding info.


@TBB, looks tricky to engrave but I see a couple of spots for engraving on the clear plastic end pieces. You can see the segmentations on top, It would be a chore to have to engrave or stamp each one.


Ahh In see, thats a much clearer photo…Thanks guys.

I might have to use a small stencil and a dremel - i’d be concerned about using a branding iron and fusing the plastic bits together!