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Flow Frame increaments for sale


Is it possible to purchase more frames at one time than the 7 that is on the site? Like 12 without getting 2 sixes. Possibly getting more of a discount for the volume.


In all honesty I wouldn’t count on it. That’s just my opinion, but I haven’t seen much for commercial buyers yet when that was first brought up a while ago. Be interesting to know what is going on?


From what I understand you have to contact them directly for commercial pricing and bulk orders. Everything they have listed on the website is for residential/small apiaries.


Thanks but we are not commercial beekeepers. My Brother saw the Flow frames and wanted to try it in his hive. 4 frames in a 10 frame deep. He told me about it and I would like to do the same. Now we’re up to needing 8 which is more than what is on the site. Then we talked to our parents and they would like to do the same. This makes 12 frames. We just figured if we could order a large qty at once we could get them for less each and save on shipping. We are in East Texas USA.


I’m not sure if two 6-packs would be enough of an order to warrant a bulk/quantity discount but they have a “contact us” link on the website, and it couldn’t hurt to ask. My guess is you’d need to be ordering like 5-10 packs of 6 to get a quantity discount but I have no idea for sure.