Brian's Honey Cough Syrup Recipe

This recipe was shared with us by some honey customers quite a few years ago. I store it in the fridge. It has never gone off so far. Here it is: 1/3 Honey, 1/3 Flaxseed (Linseed) oil, & 1/3 Whisky. Shake well before use. Take 3 desert spoons, swallow slowly.


what is a dsps? I’m not familiar with that abbreviation. my mom used to make us something similar with that but fresh lemon instead of oil.

Hi Adam, that’s a desert spoon. Apparently I shouldn’t have put the s on the end to make it plural. I’m going to give the lemon a go. cheers

I’ll just take the whisky.
A nice single malt, please.

I’m not a drinker, however this mixture tastes really nice, we’ve both had the flu all this week, I’m using a fair bit of it. That’s what prompted me to share this recipe.

1 Dssp Dessert spoon = 1/2 oz or about 15gm

We are holed up in Barcelona today. Three of the four of us have horrid colds. My mom went out for fruit and rolls and I just finished making our version of cough syrup.

I brew a pot of really dark black tea, cut up and squeeze two whole lemons and drop them in to seep, and then add cloves and sweeten with honey.

Heat breaks up the crud, lemon and honey soothes the throat and cloves numb it all up. The caffeine seems to make everything feel a bit less punk.

I would use brandy instead of whisky ; -)

I hope you aren’t sick by the time I get over to your side of the state. I hate getting sick.

When are you coming? I’ll try & get better by then. Are you planning a 14 hr. plane trip? It’s a hard one to shake. I can’t afford to be sick right now, the bees are wanting to swarm big time…

My deepest apologies JeffH, I must have confused you with 30jeff. That is whom
I plan to meet later this month. a 14 hour plane trip to buy langstroth boxes is a bit much. However if the day comes that I get to make it to Australia I will look you up. I do have friends near Albany so if I ever to get to that part of the world I think going to see the Flow Hive team would be on the list and you as well. I doubt I would want to go there and not spend at least a month. Jet lag does me in and I need a few days to recuperate from it. I hope you don’t stay sick long as I know the bees will still do what they do regardless of us. They are why I’m putting off a knee surgery till after I get them set for the winter here. BTW, I enjoyed your hush puppies video. Looks yummy!

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I usually soak sage in honey and it works, but now I’ve realized I totally need whiskey for… pain relief. Yes.

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Hi Tony ,thanks. I’m still struggling with this flue, it’s a nasty one, to say the least. I’m getting some jobs done on the bees, but not as much as I’d like. Every day we’re getting ph. calls about bee swarms. I’m lucky I did a lot of preemptive swarm control before I came down with this flue. I took care of a really cranky hive yesterday & today, I should put a step by step detailing how I went about it on here. Naturally the queen got squashed. I didn’t find her till the very end of the operation. She was in the box. It all went well with: no stings!!! Where the flow team & I are situated would be at the end of the 14 hr. trip. Albany would be another 5 hrs. further. Similar to LA to NY. I’m glad you enjoyed my hush puppy video. I have heaps of other videos of Indian flat bread, Naan bread, Hamburger rolls, Artisan bread, baguettes etc. I’ll close now, I’ll talk to you later, bye