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Yemen Sidr Honey....Has anyone tried it?


Someone asked me if I’ve ever tried Yemen Sidr Honey, my reply was “I’ve never even heard of it before”. Has anyone on the forum ever tried it?


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It’s dark reddish brown and very very sticky, almost chewy. It tastes much much better than manuka. Its advertised curative properties are even more fantastic though.
Like Manuka it is counterfeited but more so, I think, as it is vastly more expensive.


I’ve heard of it. I’ve seen some prices (don’t remember exactly other than it was outrageous). I would never pay that. I would try it if offered a taste for free…


I agree. When I googled it, it was offered for $50US per 250g. jar. Might go well with caviar.


It actually goes really well with a salty creamy goats’ cheese


Hi Danger, I’m assuming your talking about with water crackers. Have you tried a Swedish delicacy, (unrelated to honey) Surstromming? I think that also goes well with goats cheese on crackers. I have never tried it. I only saw it on tv with Jamie Oliver.


I had to look those up. Wiki says it’s so smelly it’s recommended you eat it outside ha ha ha!!!
I pass on that, Jeff. I’ll stick with my marinated anchovies which are similar but less pungent

Boil 150g of mini penne pasta until al dente, then drain. In a large nonstick pan, cook a couple of handful of breadcrumbs in a little olive oil until golden, then remove. Add 50g of butter, a chopped red chilli and then, 30 seconds later, the juice of half a lemon. Add 100g of marinated anchovy fillets, a large handful of roughly chopped parsley and then the browned breadcrumbs and drained penne. Toss briefly. Serves 2.

Back to honey though…A nice hunk of crusty artisan bread, creamy salty goats’ cheese topped with a good chunk of comb honey…wonderful, and within reach of all of us.


Almost as bad as Swedish Salty Liquorice Bletch!!

Honey and Cheese sounds nice


Hi & thank you Danger, I’m going to write that down. I’m sure I’ll like it. I don’t mind anchovies on pizza. If you want to make your own artisan bread, I have a video on “how to make near perfect french baguettes at home”. Plus a few more. Nothing better than honey from your own bees on toasted baguette you made yourself.


I’m a great fan of home made bread and bake two or three times weekly.
I’ve just got a date and walnut wholemeal out of the oven…yummy
PS. Don’t use salted anchovies in the recipe. You need the marinated sweet sour ones from the deli


Our favourite breakfast is Salted Anchovy and Parmesan pancakes with Maple syrup on top.
Anchovies go crispy as does the Parmesan.
Just saying! Have to try b4 you die!

Also Just had my first (Finland) Polystyrene hives delivered yesterday, can’t wait to fill them up. First time splitting tomorrow, a little apprehensive, but excited at the same time.


Well done danger:) date & walnuts are always a good combination. My new bee suit paid for itself in one morning. I would have got heaps of stings with my old one today. Working on a hive that started off ok, but got crankier & crankier. I got one with 3 layers that breathes really well & the bees can’t sting through them. It breathes that well, you couldn’t count on it keeping you warm in cold weather but should be fantastic in hot weather. There’s rain coming & the bees must have known it.


Don’t you just love it when you watch the bees on a sunny day and suddenly they pile back like a reverse swarm and five minutes later the skies open. Just wonderful.


Yes that’s for sure, we had some good rain last night, so I’m leaving the bees alone this morning. Our spring officially starts on Tuesday. I’m gunna be flat out like a lizard drink’n.


Translation - Run off my feet


Thanks Valli, I wish I could beam a few bees over your way to help your hives out. I weakened out one hive yesterday, it had about 5 frames 95% sealed brood. It had queen cells with newly laid eggs.


@JeffH Even now I make a comet and my friends give me a strange look, then I realise the Know the gist of what I said but have to translate - I’m gradually teaching 'strine

PS My bees are picking up since I started feeding them - the weather is really crud this year


I live in Dubai, and there are about 5 or six varieties of Sidr honey readily available - Yemen is next door. It is very expensive $65 per 250g. Personally, it has a much smoother, and has a more caramel taste that that of Manuka, which is about the same price here.


I have spent many a night in the Dubai airport. I never thought to look for Sidr honey. I don’t know if I’ll ever be back there again, but if I am I will look for it.