Hi Folks, I’m in Adelaide South Australia western suburbs.
This base was recommended to me by my commercial beekeeper.
Just wondering if anyone else has used this base and if so your thoughts on its pro’s and con’s.
Currently fitted to my traditional hive two years ago.
1 - This base has three entrances each can be fully open, partially open or closed.
2 - It also has two trays that can be removed or left partial open.

I found the removable inspection trays handy to inspect for wax moth larvae. At times our summers peak in the high 30* C for a few days so removing the trays during those times helped ventilate the hive ( in my opinion). Our winter is generally mild so the trays are just left in place.

My flow hive is in its first season so am thinking of installing this next spring to it.
Anyone else using these - thoughts please.
Cheers Kaspur.

Hi Kaspur,

My Flowhive has a mesh bottom board and as compared to a solid bottom board, you already touched on the key advantages. I have observed improved ventilation during the summer months and little to no condensation problems in winter as compared to my hives with solid bottom boards. Reduced pest infestations, improved hive hygiene / overall hive cleanliness, varroa mite monitoring are also advantages. The only disadvantage I can think of is a colder hive during winter.

Hope this helps.

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