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Building a hive - measurements in mm


For anyone wanting to build their own boxes, measurements below are in mm, as it is often quite difficult to find.

Boxes come in different depths and widths. The usual external measurements are:

10 frame (width x length ) 406mm x 508mm
8 frame (width x length ) 352mm x 508mm

An important factor is what Langstroth called bee space, this is the gap between combs and other hive parts which gives the bees proper room to work – it is normally a 8 – 10 mm gap.

How to Make a Honey Bee Box
Video of my 3rd hive check

Might be useful if you also mentioned what size timber you’re using as that would change the internal dimensions that are so critical.


Here is a link for some lang hive boxes and frames.



Hi this are the external flow hive boxes size? How about the height? and also the wooden frame size?


Hello everyone
I need to know the Thickness of the wood in cm please
If you can also tell me wooden frame size. …
I need to do some modification because in Italy everyone sell bees in db frames and i want make an extension between the bottom and brood box


Go here http://www.dave-cushman.net/bee/lang.html
and use measurements for Australian Langstroth


Can you use decking wood to make beehives?


Don’t see why not, you can make a hive from just about anything.


I was thinking of making from the decking wood as it is cheaper and last long.

Thank you Rodderick


Styrofoam (polystyrene), rope, woven straw, cow dung, waxed cardboard, tree trunks, drywall (sheetrock), insulated coolers, filing cabinets, old refrigerators, terra-cotta plant pots (thanks @skeggley !), industrial cable drums (thanks @JeffH!) - yep, just about anything can be used by bees, if they put their hive mind to it! :smile: