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How to Make a Honey Bee Box

Hello, I’m New Begginer and for The first step I want Make Honey Bee Box.

Please tell me How make it with picture and size in centemeter

Thank you

Google is your friend. Try bee hive plans?

Plus 1 (and of course a post which for some reason has to have twenty charaters or even twenty characters so Ill reiterate for @Mohsen_Eslami_mehr that there are detailed plans on google for what ever bee box you want.)

I suggest that before the box you read all the books you can find on beekeeping, talk to those who keep bees in you area and spend a few hours pouring through the posts on this site(particularly Beekeeping Basics) then you will have a better understanding of the bees you will keep in the box. The box is the easy part.

After all that welcome to Flow Forums.

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Google is good but i need for size for simple Honey box please. How i can make if possible with video

Go to You tube
Put in the search box “build a bee hive” press enter and choose from a number of videos.

Please re read my last post. In understanding how to keep bees you will automatically come across bee hives. There are at least 5 different bee boxs that I know of and each has it own way of housing bees. How you intend to keep your bees will determine what bee box you will build.

You need to do more research. You obviously have access to the internet .\so start Googling

Perhaps Monsen could measure one of the 4 hives he already has?

I can give you the measurements in centimeters for 8 or 10 frame supers. Which one would you like?

Or just do a quick search of this forum…

Thank you for answer. i need 8 frame and need simple honey bee box

Videos are good but i searched in youtube but i’m beginner and can work with wood but need size and a complete guide. i need make 4 wood

The outside measurements of an 8 frame box is as @Rodderick stated, 508mm x 352mm. The height to accommodate full depth frames would be 243mm. Timber thickness can be around 22mm. The rebate for the frames to sit on can be 11mm in & 15mm down. Sorry I don’t have any photos or sketches. cheers


I think you are trying to wind me up here.
There are plenty of videos with sizes and detailed instructions on YouTube and other googled sites.
You are either not trying or you need to try harder…

This book has all measurements and plans. You should see if it is available in your country:


It is strange that you are saying you are just a beginner and wanting to know the measurements of a hive box so that you can make one when you claim to already have 4 bee hives. So if you have a tape measure then you can measure one of your own, can’t you.

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Hi Mohsen,

Everyone has been most helpful here on the forum to suggest n give you adequate information.

Do you really already have four colonies of Honeybees or that is you goal ? If you do already possses hive boxes n colonies and have woodworking skills … copying what you have is the best idea. That way there’s no language barrier or guess work.

I am a beekeeper n woodworker both. I’ve bought two complete hive setups (an 8 frame n a 10 frame boxes) … I have taken American measurement (inches n feet) of all my deep, medium n shallow equipment. Thickness of local wood will change measurements some as well so best you get the old measuring tape out n start your plans from your current hives !

As inferred/suggested I’d read up more on actually taking care n disease control. You have a lot to learn n the learning curve can n will have some rough times (losses)… if you can find a local group or mentor to help that’s worth more than money.

How about shooting a few pix’s n posting . The folks are here are very helpful n many have years of experience! Good luck n get out the measuring tape … :+1:

Cheers n good luck :four_leaf_clover:,