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Langstroth 8 Frame plans



I’m planning on saving some money in the future and building my own Langstroth 8 frame hives. The problem is finding plans isn’t the easiest thing. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks



The length would be 510mm by 355mm wide & 240mm high. That’s outside measurements, made with 20mm material.


google is you friend:



for what it’s worth- I think many times you are well off to build the base and lids yourself- but just buy the flat pack boxes. Boxes are quite cheap and you can get nice ones with box or dove tail joints quite cheaply. The bases and lids can be made from scrap wood easily found. Timber for good boxes can be a little harder to source cheaply in wide planks. However if you have access to timber and the tools then go for it.

Recently I bought some really nice wax dipped 8 frame boxes here in SA. They are only about $30 each and come already assembled and wax dipped ready to go straight onto the hive. Flat packed they are even cheaper.


This was too technical for me and my hacksaw, but it might be just what you are looking for:



Hi everyone,

Thanks for the details. I am a joiner/carpenter/chippy to trade so wood is easy to come by and i have the tools to hand plus i enjoy doing it (satisfaction and all that).

Many thanks again!!