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Built some nucs

Cut and built 8, 5 Frame Nucs – D. Coates Version - from 2 sheets of plywood with my buddy Ryan.
I’m preparing for next Spring’s swarm management now :wink:


Very nice Bobby! I’m jealous now!


They look really nice, @Bobby_Thanepohn! How do you make the frame rests when using plywood? What thickness of ply did you use? :grin:

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Thank you @Dawn_SD! These are made from 1/2-inch plywood.
The frame rest is easy to see in these plans. No rebates are cut. The frames rest on a short end piece.

Plans: http://beesource.com/build-it-yourself/5-frame-nuc-d-coates-version/

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Thanks @Bobby_Thanepohn. Very clever design. Now get some sleep, man, it must be 4am for you!!! :blush:

Just woke up for the day!

AWEsome! Thanks for including the plans. I am planning to build some nucs later when the weather turns and drives me indoors. I’ll soon be raking leaves here in Seattle. The trees are turning color now. It’s beautiful.

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@K26kv - No problem! Learning how to get 8 nucs from 2 $20 sheets of plywood was a lot of fun.

With the 4 for me from this project, I now have 6 nuc boxes to put to use in the spring for splits and swarm traps. I’d love to catch a swarm from the bee tree down the street.

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All primed and painted! In case your wondering about the dual entrances and screen - I cut and then screened the typical entrance to use as an access for the oxalic acid vaporizer. The disc entrance is for the bees.


Does your disc entrance fall right on the middle frame ? Just wondering cause I was gonna build a couple myself.

usually there is a gap between the end of the frame and the wall of the box that’s big enough for the bees to pass so it isnt a problem.

Ok thanks I’ll give it a try this weekend. :honeybee::honey_pot: