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Built some nucs


Cut and built 8, 5 Frame Nucs – D. Coates Version - from 2 sheets of plywood with my buddy Ryan.
I’m preparing for next Spring’s swarm management now :wink:


Very nice Bobby! I’m jealous now!


They look really nice, @Bobby_Thanepohn! How do you make the frame rests when using plywood? What thickness of ply did you use? :grin:


Thank you @Dawn_SD! These are made from 1/2-inch plywood.
The frame rest is easy to see in these plans. No rebates are cut. The frames rest on a short end piece.

Plans: http://beesource.com/build-it-yourself/5-frame-nuc-d-coates-version/


Thanks @Bobby_Thanepohn. Very clever design. Now get some sleep, man, it must be 4am for you!!! :blush:


Just woke up for the day!


AWEsome! Thanks for including the plans. I am planning to build some nucs later when the weather turns and drives me indoors. I’ll soon be raking leaves here in Seattle. The trees are turning color now. It’s beautiful.


@K26kv - No problem! Learning how to get 8 nucs from 2 $20 sheets of plywood was a lot of fun.

With the 4 for me from this project, I now have 6 nuc boxes to put to use in the spring for splits and swarm traps. I’d love to catch a swarm from the bee tree down the street.


All primed and painted! In case your wondering about the dual entrances and screen - I cut and then screened the typical entrance to use as an access for the oxalic acid vaporizer. The disc entrance is for the bees.