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Bushfires - THANKS!

Thanks so much to the many of you who have emailed, posted, or sent private messages asking how we are faring in the bushfires. We really appreciate having such a supportive community of fellow beekeepers around us.

Those of who you who read our monthly newsletter will be aware that while we are all alive and beekeeping, it’s been a pretty stressful few weeks for the Flow Team, battling a bushfire threat to many of our homes and to our community in Northern NSW.

To keep those of you who don’t get the newspaper in the loop… our co-inventors Stu and Cedar Anderson worked alongside the community and members of the Rural Fire Brigade (including our IT guy Jed and Cedar’s brothers, Chris and Gabe). This experience has left us all with huge empathy for all those who are now facing a similar threat, and a deep gratitude for the firefighters, especially the volunteers, who have put their lives on the line to keep us all safe.

“Hearing about the fires from a distance was worrying but it wasn’t until it was in my own community that I could completely understand the devastation to people, wildlife and habitat. It was heartbreaking. But even in the fear and chaos, the way the community worked together day after day, with very little sleep, was astounding and humbling … and they are still going nearly two months later, on foot with water backpacks making sure spot fires don’t start up again.” - Summer (Flow’s GM)

Although many homes were saved in this area, for every success story, unfortunately there is a heartbreaking tale of loss.

We have been doing what we can to support our customers who have lost their hive to fire (who are enthusiastic to start caring for their bees again). So if you, or someone you know, has lost their Flow Hive to fire please do reach out to us at info@honeyflow.com.

Jed from IT (our hero!) fighting fires like a machine

Stu & Summer coordinating firefighting efforts

Chris taking a short nap break - right beside the monster fire he’d been fighting

Cedar & Jed setting up pumps and fixing machinery


Thank you for the update! I have been concerned about the flow hive family for quite a while. I would hate to see any community burn to the ground knowing how losing so much might make it impossible to recover. I hope all is going to recover easily for your beautiful country and habitat.
Martha C. Wolkonsky

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